West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir

Based in British Columbia, the West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir sings a wide variety of choral music. In particular they sing many of the compositions and arrangements of Larry Nickel who also sings with the group. They are directed by Tony Funk.

The albums contain a cappella and accompanied singing.

By Light Indwelled (2004)

1. Morgenlied    Listen
2. Sure On This Shining Night
3. Dare Alla Luce
4. Day By Day
5. Warum Ist Das Licht Gegeben Dem M��ligen
6. Richte Mich Gott
7. Sehnsucht
8. N䣨tens
9. Come, Trav'ler, Haste Away
10. O Love That Will Not Let Me Go    Listen
11. I'm Goin' To Sing    Listen
12. O Nata Lux
13. I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say
14. O Jesu Christ, Meins Lebens Licht
15. Gladsome Light
16. World Without End
17. All The Diamonds    Listen

And Night shall End (2003)

1. Wondrous Love
2. Ubi Caritas    Listen
3. Come, Ye Disconsolate
4. The Sailor And Young Nancy
5. Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye    Listen
6. Soon Ah Will Be Done
7. Beat! Beat! Drums!
8. Long Black Arm
9. Bugles Sang
10. Dulce Et Decorum Est
11. Move Him Into The Sun
12. Reconciliation
13. Schalffe In Mire Gott, Ein Rein Herz
14. I Bind My Heart This Tide
15. Agnus Dei
16. Verleih Uns Freiden
17. LIke A River Glorious

The Time of Eternity (2002)

1. Wild Mountain Thyme
2. I Praise the Tender Flower
3. Loch Lomond
4. Long Time Ago
5. Quel Augellin, che canta
6. Love Bade Me Home
7. In a Grain of Sand
8. Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day
9. Warum
10. Vier Zigeunerlieder #4
11. Vier Zigeunerlieder #1
12. Sinfonia Eleven
13. Joseph Made a Treasure Box
14. Set Me as a Seal
15. No. 16 O Praise the Lord from the Heavens
16. Selig sind die Toten
17. Christus Factus Est
18. Herr, nun lassest du deinen Diener in Frieden fahren

My Heart, My Home (2001)

1. My God is a Rock
2. O My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose
3. She's Like the Swallow
4. The Storm is Passing Over    Listen
5. Amazing Grace    Listen
6. I Got a Key    Listen
7. Songs My Mother Taught Me
8. An Die Heimat
9. Der Herr Erhore Dich
10. Os Justi
11. O Sacrum Convivium!
12. How Deep the Father's Love for Us
13. I Know I've Changed
14. It's Alright to Have a Good Time
15. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho    Listen
16. Make a Joyful Noise

As Evening Shadows Fall (2000)

1. As Evening Shadows Fall    Listen
2. Abendlied    Listen
3. Now the Day is Over    Listen
4. Sweet and Low    Listen
5. Denn er hat seinen Engeln befohlen    Listen
6. Abide with Me
7. Psalm 23
8. Die Nachtigal
9. Standchen
10. O schone Nacht, Op. 92, no.1
11. Der Abend, Op. 64, no. 1
12. Abendlied, Op. 92, no. 3
13. There's a Man Goin' Round
14. Deep River
15. At the River
16. Deal Gently with Thy Servants, Lord
17. When Morning Gilds the Skies
18. Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal

When I was a Child (1998)

1. When I was a Child
2. May the Words of My Mouth
3. Like a River Glorious
4. Children of the Heavenly Father
5. Can a Little Child Like Me?
6. Jesus Bids Us Shine
7. Candle
8. Give Your Best to the Master
9. Taste and See
10. The Love of God
11. Laura's Waltz
12. We Want to Know Christ
13. Come to the Upper Room
14. Julia's Dream
15. Hosanna
16. Behold the Lamb
17. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
18. Jesus, thy Blood and Righteousness
19. We All Like Sheep
20. Beneath the Cross of Jesus
21. Healing for a Wounded World
22. Sing for Joy
23. Be Thou My Vision
24. His Eye is on the Sparrow
25. Keep Me True
26. Jason's Game
27. Paradise Awaits the True Believer

Come Heart's Delight (1997)

1. For All the Saints
2. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
3. The Lord's My Shepherd
4. A Red, Red Rose
5. The Oak and the Ash
6. Bluebird
7. The Water is Wide
8. Loch Lomond
9. Where are the Joys?
10. Barbara Allen
11. Early One Morning
12. All Through the Night
13. Welsh Lullaby
14. O No, John!
15. I'll Give My Love an Apple
16. Bobby Shaftoe
17. The Weaver's Daughter
18. Wash Me Thoroughly From My Wickedness
19. Beati quorum via
20. Thou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace
` 21. Jesus Shall Reign

A Mennonite Tapestry (1994)

1. New Songs I Sing Today    Listen
2. On My Pilgrim Journey
3. O, How Shall I Receive Thee?
4. God Himself is With Us
5. Can You Count the Many Stars?
6. Jesus, Priceless Treasure
7. In the Rifted Rock I'm Resting
8. What Joy to Us is Given    Listen
9. I Sing the Mighty Power of God
10. The Heavenly Son
11. How Sweetly Chime the Sabbath Bells
12. Back to the Master
13. Melodies from Molotshna
14. Though I Know Not the Way
15. Love Everlasting
16. I Know My Jesus Lives    Listen
17. Strands of the Finest Gold    Listen
18. Praise the Lord, His Glories Show
19. Take My Hand and Lead Me    Listen

Through an Open Window (1993)

1. God of Love
2. Come Let Us Go
3. In My Father's House
4. Call to Holiness    Listen
5. Through an Open Window
6. I Want to Fly    Listen
7. Of the Father's Love    Listen
8. Where is Your Treasure
9. To Whom Would We Go?
10. Away in a Manger
11. Come to the Throne of Grace
12. Praise Be to God
13. A Wife of Noble Virtue
14. Remember Thy Creator    Listen
15. Train Up a Child
16. Almighty God
17. Have You Not Known?
18. Another Day of Grace
19. I Delight Greatly in the Lord

Songs my Father Taught Me (1992)

1. In Times like These    Listen
2. Come Unto Me    Listen
3. Blessed are They    Listen
4. Where He Leads Me    Listen
5. Working with Joy
6. Without Him
7. If You Want Joy
8. True Evangelical Faith
9. For Me to Live is Christ
10. No More Fear of Dying
11. Mary Treasured all These Things
12. Who Would Leave?
13. No Room
14. Emmanuel    Listen
15. All that is Beautiful
16. Amazing Grace
17. Jacob's Ladder
18. My God Shall Supply
19. Peace    Listen
20. If Christ is for Us
21. God will Take Care of You
22. Strands of the Finest Gold

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