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A small ensemble from Florida. 

The proceeds from the CDs go to help Aaron Martin's daughter who has MSUD (maple sytrup urine disorder). 

Patients with this very rare genetic disorder cannot metabolize proteins in food and must maintain a very strick diet to prevent a metabolic crisis that could lead to brain damage or death.  In 1997, Dr. D.H. Morton and Dr. K.A. Strauss discovered liver transplantation to be a cure for MSUD patients.  Since then, more than 47 MSUD patients have undergone the liver transplant and enjoy normal lives.  This procedure costs approximately $147,000.  This does not include follow-up care and medication that can average over $10,000 annually.

God is Good

Martin Music Ministries

Songs: When I  Call to You/Gracious Father/Great God Indulge My Humble Claim/God is So Good/God is Good/God is Ever Good/Immortal, Invisible/Easter Anthem/Jesus Priceless Treasure/In the Lord Alone/Trust His Heart/Ah Lord, When My Last End is Come/God is Our Life/The Lord's My Shepherd/You Have Been Good/I Will Extol Thee/More Like You/Be Thou My Vision/Prayer of Thankful Praise

All songs acappella. 

Martin Music Ministries

"God is Good" Martin Music Minstries