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Thanks and Praise

Nathan Good Family 2012

Songs:  Honor the Lord Medley/Thank the Lord/Praise to God; Lord, Should Rising Whirlwinds/All flesh is Grass/God Never Sows in Vain/The Lord Shall Preserve You/A Tiny Seed/Ah, Holy Jesus/Angels Rolled De Stone Away/Live A-humble/Thanks Be To God/O Lord of Heaven and Earth/We Thank You, Lord/We Are So Blessed/The World Needs a Song

 A couple of the songs incorporate the entire family, including young children.  The others are performed by different groupings of the adults.  The album has a general theme of praise, but a number of the song ideas specifically encourage thanks.  All songs acappella.

Sons and Daughters of the Nathan Good Family

(CD in sleeve only)

Songs: Bless God, My Soul/Seasons’ Beauty/Judge Eternal/Church of Christ/I Commit My Love to You/O Holy Night/Plenty Good Room/Revelation 19/Show Me Thy Face/O Gladsome Light

A good recording of difficult choral music by a quartet of sisters and brothers.  All songs acappella.

The Nathan Good Family 2006

Songs: I Will Enter His Gates (Medley)/What Is This Place/For the Fruit of All Creation/Nativity Lullaby/Just to Think of the Cross/O Love Divine/Pierce My Ear/My Jesus, I Love Thee/Shine Upon Us/We Shall Walk Through the Valley of Peace/By the Waters of Babylon/Wherever You Are/My Lord’s a-Writin’/When Love Shines In/The Potter’s Hand/Peace/Jesus is Coming Again/

An excellent recording of a very talented family singing songs they love. Recording at the St. John’s Episcopal Church in South Boston, VA., giving the recording a very natural sound.

The Nathan Good Family

"Thanks and Praise" The Nathan Good Family




"Sons and Daughters" The Nathan Good Family




"2006" The Nathan Good Family




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