Oasis Chorale

A group of friends who served at Faith Mission Home in Virginia founded the Oasis Chorale in 2003. In recent years, new members have been selected using an application process. The choir is conducted by Wendell Nisly.

The mission of Oasis Chorale is to call its singers and its audiences to thoughtful worship of the true God through artisitic choral music sung skillfully.

All albums are a cappella.

Hymns of the Church, Volume 1 (2014)

1. Stand Up and Bless the Lord #7
2. Hail Holy Light #50
3. Thou Glorious Sun of Righteousness #605
4. Come hither, All Ye Weary souls #727
5. O Christ, Our Lord, with Teaching True #592
6. Lord, Through Changing Days #943
7. Our Father in Heaven #828
8. God of Grace and God of Glory # 360
9. Father Eternal, Ruler of Creation #359
10. Be not Dismayed, Thou Little Flock #492
11. Who is on the Lord's Side? #499
12. Lord Jesus Christ, with Us Abide #914
13. Praise the Lord! Ye Heavens, Adore Him #100
14. Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven #95
15. Unheard the Dews Around Me Fall #610
16. Send Forth Thy Spirit #1009
17. The Sands of Time #720

And Your Heart Shall Rejoice (2012)

1. Come Unto Me     Listen
2. Sometimes I Fell Like a Moanin' Dove     Listen
3. I will Not Leave You Comfortless     Listen
4. Hear Me, O God, Nor Hide Thy Face     Listen
5. I Sing of Your Mercies
6. Jesus Loves Me
7. The Heart's Grief
8. In Times Like These
9. Ride On, King Jesus
10. David's Lamentation
11. Deal Gently with Thy Servants, Lord
12. Selig Sind Die Toten
13. Peace I Leave with You
14. When Peace Like a River    Listen
15. What a Wonderful World     Listen
16. The Trees of the Field    Listen
17. Stay with Us    Listen

Reflections - Portraits from the Life of Christ (2010)

1. Jesus, I Adore Thee   Stephen Caracciolo    Listen
2. O Come, All ye Faithful   arr. Douglas Byler
3. Lux Aurumque   Eric Whitacre    Listen
4. Mary's Little Boy Chile   Jester Hairston>    Listen
5. The Quiet Heart   June Collin
6. The Word was God   Rosephanye Powell    Listen
7. Our Father in Heaven   arr. Lloyd Kauffman    Listen
8. My God is a Rock   arr. Parker and Shaw    Listen
9. Lamb of God   arr. F. M. Christiansen
10. Surely He hath Borne our Griefs   Karl Graun
11. Passion Chorale   arr. Wendell Glick
12. Lift Your Glad Voices   arr. Lloyd Kauffman
13. Jesus our Lord is Risen Today   arr. Walter Ehret    Listen
14. Set Down, Servant   arr. Robert Shaw    Listen
15. Lift Up Your Heads   Andreas Hammerschmidt    Listen
16. Beautiful Savior   arr. F. M. Christiansen

Journey - the Road Home (2008)

1. Shout, O Glory   Lloyd Larson    Listen
2. I Sat Down Under His Shadow   E. C. Bairstow    Listen
3. Praise to the Lord    arr. F. M. Christiansen    Listen
4. Hear My Prayer, O Lord   Henry Purcell
5. Hear My Prayer   Moses Hogan
6. Abide with Me   arr. Lucy A. Hirt
7. Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep   John Rutter
8. Take My Hand and Lead Me   Larry Nickel
9. Amazing Grace   arr. Lloyd Kauffman
10. Close Now Thine Eyes   Daniel Gawthrop
11. God Be in My Head   John Rutter
12. Day by Day   Larry Nickel
13. This Little Light of Mine   arr. Paul Christiansen
14. Walk Together, Children   arr. Moses Hogan    Listen
15. Never Weather-Beaten Sail   C. H. H. Parry
16. Goin' Home   Antonin Dvorak, arr. W. Fisher    Listen
17. Home to Thee   William Bearcroft

In Endless Light (2005)

1. Let Thy Holy Presence    Listen
2. Make a Joyful Noise
3. Look Down, O Lord
4. God's Son Has Made Me Free    Listen
5. Lord, I Need You
6. Give Me Jesus
7. For He Shall Give His Angels
8. Prayer For Strength    Listen
9. The King of Love
10. I'm Goin' To Sing
11. O Day Full of Grace
12. Praise We Sing to Thee
13. The Love of God
14. Down By the Riverside
15. Alleluia
16. Prayer    Listen
17. Abide With Me, 'Tis Eventide    Listen

Treasure in Heaven (2003)

1. Heilig    Listen
2. Sing and Rejoice    Listen
3. Glory In The Lord
4. God is Seen
5. If Ye Love Me
6. Here I Am, Lord
7. Treasures In Heaven
8. I Go to the Rock    Listen
9. O God Our Help
10. Spirit of God, Descend
11. All That Hath Life & Breath
12. His Footfall
13. Prayer of the Children
14. Be Thou My Vision
15. Working With Joy
16. Jordan    Listen
17. Beautiful Savior
18. Ain'-a That Good News
19. Abendlied    Listen
20. Alleluia

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